Writing assignments

Week 1, Setting a scene (or how to describe a world without boring the reader).

From what I’ve read in various works,non fiction or fiction, the lessons I’ve been taught about describing the world  is that it should usually be there but unobtrusive, unless of course the scene calls for it to be interacted with.  Then, like characters, you flesh in what is appropriate.  the more the scenery interacts, the more detailed it should become.

To this end, I want to try and write 3 items,

1. The first one is were the scenery should be mentioned, but will largely just be setting pieces and not really meaningful.

2. The second the scenery should be like a backdrop.  not necessarily interacted with, but the location itself will have a noticeable effect on the how the events feel.  (Arabian nights pieces are a good example of this.)  It’s not a character itself, but has more pull than just saying “they were in the Desert.”

3. This will be the longest one, as it should be, since in this one the setting should be a character unto itself.  This is were the background is so pervasive it will effect every action of the protagonist (fist fight vs fist fight on a zero g space station).

All 3 of these are just explorations of successfully setting a scene, and should be self contained.  however it’s not a story so it should feel like a glimpse into a window if i do it right.  we shall see.