Baen Writing Contest

Holy Crap,

I know I’ve been Wanting to get into writing, and getting published is definitely my plan, but timing.  Wow.  This is so quick after my return to the joys and frustrations of getting stories into prose.

I’m excited as hell at tossing my hat in the ring for this one.  I have no illusions as to my chances.  The folks I’ve been following and occasionally chatting with on other blogs are a serious group of people with some strong talent. John C. Wright in particular makes me shiver a little bit in fear.

But hell, running isn’t gonna make this work.

If wordsmiths like John want to come out then that means I will just have to work that much harder.

So be it.

I can tell a hell of a story.  It’s not modesty that has kept me from pushing writing, it has always been that “I need to just wait until things settle.” or “Hey I can attack this as soon as I finish building this world.”   But the truth is those have always just been excuses.  It’s hard for me to bear scrutiny.  To be critically reviewed. Not because I can fail. I can take failure, that’s easy.   Learn and move on.  It’s how you grow.

I’m just worried of nothing.  Here’s my story folks.  Here’s me swinging and seeing if I can do this. Then I get a form letter back, or even worse nothing.  No criticism to help me improve, no growth, just stagnation.  When I ask how am I doing and all I get is “Meh”, That’s what I fear.  Nothing.

But, as my old man said go big or go home, and even if nothing comes of this contest then I’m going to keep swinging.  I will hit that damn ball, and I will make first base.



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