Who the hell am I

So this first post is very simple.  I am going to outline the questions i hope to answer.

1. Who am I?

2. What is the blog for?

3. when am i gonna post to it.

4. Why am i blogging?

I would add how, but i can’t really think of a good how (how will it type on my keyboard, or how will i stare at the screen in thought…)


1. Who i am is Chris.  that is a very short name to describe who I a really am.  If i describe my self as a pedestrian in a scene then i would be the fat middle aged white guy in the corner.

If I go deeper and promote myself to Buddy, sidekick, or love interest who loses to main love interest then i would either be the Smart, Dry Sarcastic Buddy who offers words of encouragement(usually by calling someone a dumbass) when it’s needed and a swift kick when it’s needed more.

Or the Smart good friend who has always listened to your tales of relationship woes, passed good advice, and taking care of your emotional needs at every turn, but gets passed over because he just isn’t as hot as Channing Tatum.

However If i was a sidekick, I would be Jayne from firefly… cause the interwebs said so.

2. This bog is simply because I want to see if I have the chops to make writing a career.  I know the odds, I am not blindly walking in thinking that a magic bullet book will pour from my brain, through my fingers, and into the hearts of the pre-teen community (which the really stupid amounts of money seem to be, just ask Meyers, Rowling’, and Collins, if you can find them behind their gigantic piles of money.). Partly because i think i’m going to try and write more towards were i like to read, which is a bit of an older market than that, and partly because twilight actually makes my flesh crawl.

It’s at this point i should probably mention i’m racist against elves and vampires.   I was the only person in the theater who cheered when dobby died, and the idea of emo whinny little vampire douche bags running around on fire in daylight brings a warm feeling to the cockles of my heart. Just saying…

3.  As for frequency of posts that depends on how well I can start to train myself to write.  Every author who’s advice I have read all say the same thing. Practice, practice, practice.   As such the more frequently I post, the more practicing I am engaging in, therefore the more frequently I post the better I get and the closer I get to actually writing something.  So the goal is once a day, but we shall see how that goes.

4. The reason why is simply, practice, practice, practice.  If I don’t practice then publishers will not want to throw money at me to do it.   I’m not necessarily expecting to Scrooge McDuck my money in a giant vault, but getting paid to publish anything would mean I made it.  The goal is simply to make it.

Course if I make it and people actually like it enough to pay me well… then goals will change, and I’ll start construction on my giant tower in Duckberg.


EDIT- Figure since this is public might as well lay down my rules for comments.  I will allow anything constructive.  This includes discussion (this is why your character is the man), Arguing (dude your character  was totally not the man because…), constructive feedback (dude, you your character is weak, check this out to make it better.), advice (when talking about settings you totally forgot a character within a settings within a setting… mind blown), etc, etc.

What I will not allow is asshatistry.  This includes being insulting for no reason (your a poo poo head), Unconstructive critizism (your a newb, i pwnd u), and douche baggery (I know this is a writing forum, but your mom was amazing in bed last night.)

Just keep it mostly civil and I’m cool with it.  Be an ass hat and I will delete your ass.  Nuff said.


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